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Supporting the environment can't wait. But with thousands of charities, it's difficult to know where to give! Zena Harrison, President of Green Spark Group, created this easy-to-use fund built of three charities she knows make a big impact.

The Group's Purpose

2020 has already been a year of massive change, offering much time for reflection into what’s truly important. If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it's that we may have time to reflect, but we don't have time to waste. Sustainability is not a luxury -- it's a lifeline; all the more so for communities of colour. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to make meaningful, lasting change to preserve the planet for the wellbeing of all its inhabitants.

My Impact Portfolio focuses on protecting the environment of British Columbia, home to one of the richest collections of ecosystems on the planet. Your contribution will go directly towards keeping this beautiful province healthy, safe, and sustainable!

Every gift counts. Give today and support three environmental organizations I know are making a HUGE impact.

How to Help

100% of your gift will be going to the organizations that protect the environment to ensure the long-term sustainability of our natural world.

1. Pacific Parklands Foundation: PPF works diligently to manifest their vision of a healthy, dynamic regional park system, loved and supported by the Metro Vancouver community, and protected and enhanced for future generations. They operate from the belief that our regional parks, greenways, and conservation areas are precious ecological treasures that must be stewarded for the future. Many of the areas they protect also contribute to Vancouver's thriving film industry.

2. Pacific Wild: Pacific Wild is ardently committed to defending wildlife and their habitat by developing and implementing conservation solutions in collaboration with First Nations communities, scientists, organizations, and a mobilized citizenry. Pacific Wild supports innovative research, public education, community outreach, and awareness to achieve the goal of lasting environmental protection in the Great Bear Rainforest. The Pacific Wild team pursues projects and activities through three main initiatives in order to achieve our conservation goals: Ocean, Land, and Community.

3. Pacific Surfrider Foundation, Vancouver Chapter: The Pacific Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. The Vancouver Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is an entirely volunteer-run team of everyday citizens who host monthly events to educate and engage the Vancouver community in protecting our urban coastline.

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About the Organizers

Zena is a sustainability expert who has been working to change the climate of entertainment. Six years ago, she founded Green Spark Group, a sustainability consulting firm that serves the motion picture industry in the United States and Canada. Zena manages on-production strategy, best practice implementation and data analysis. She works with corporations on sustainability strategy, goal setting and key performance indicator development. She has created multi-stakeholder programs that unite the motion picture industry around sustainability and has created events like the Sustainable Production Forum to accelerate knowledge sharing.

Zena was the lead author of the Creative Industries Pact for Sustainable Action and facilitated the international industry engagement process and global outreach. Previously she served as the Executive Director of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), a global forum to support leading colleges, universities, and corporate campuses in the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices for achieving sustainable campus operations and integrating sustainability in operations, research and teaching. Zena has a Master's degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University.