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KYSA BU11 Pirates 2014

Kelowna, BC


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Group Admins

In 2014 the players of KYSA's BU11 Pirates formed a Div. B team at the Super 8 level of COYSA. The boys were challenged to exceed their developmental metrics (individual & collective in-game targets). Beneficiaries were the Make-A-Wish Foundation & BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

The Group's Purpose

Challenging the boys to exceed their developmental metrics, (passes, Moves of the Day, etc.). The players raised $158 in the spring of 2014 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of BC & the Yukon and $212 in the fall for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation in honour of Myranda, a Kelowna girl currently being treated for cancer in her leg at BCCH. Myranda has to be brave in her fight against cancer, so we selected 'FEARLESS' as our team cheer to remind us of her courage and our need to be bold to try new, creative things out on the field.

How to Help

Our first metric was to strive for completing 100 passes per game. We exceeded this goal by 50% (!) before the summer break, so our new goal became threefold: (i) to consistently meet or exceed our passing target per game (starting at 130); (ii) to move the ball into the attacking third where the boys could use any of the 10 Moves of the Day they learned to take on and go past a defender with confidence; & (iii) to carry out individual in-game tasks. This eventually led us to becoming better players, and at the same time playing better.

We invited parents, grandparents and other family members, friends and neighbours to reward the Pirates for achieving their goals. In addition, we also invited them to challenge their kids to set their own personal metrics in order to foster a love for the game, build skills and increase personal pride. Think of encouraging each player to practice those amazing juggling skills on his own time to break his personal juggling record and develop a sweet first touch for games and team practices.

We encouraged participation and most importantly to have fun. The ultimate goals is to have fun and keep our boys in sport.

About the Organizers

Kelowna born and bred, Robert Kleemaier is a qualified and experienced soccer coach who’s passionate about developing the technical skills and tactical awareness of the young players in his charge using traditional and innovative approaches. Jason Koverchuk was his willing and able assistant for 4 years. Together they made a pretty good trainers' team, but all good things come to an end, as his son went on to earn a spot in Div. A for the 2015 season.