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#SweetRelief is a partnership between Chambar Restaurant and Vancouver-based Universal Outreach Foundation in support of its Master Beekeeper’s Training Program, and the Liberia Pure Honey social enterprise. This video gives an explanation of the beekeeping program from Universal Outreach.

Chambar Restaurant is proud to announce #SweetRelief, a 24 Hour fundraising marathon. We'll serve around the clock with 100% of sales going to Universal Outreach Foundation to support its Advanced Beekeeper’s Program and the Liberia Pure Honey social enterprise.

We are proud to join this compassionate, generous and courageous community that is willing to look beyond their own desires and consider the needs of others.

#SweetRelief is a partnership with Vancouver-based Universal Outreach Foundation in support of its Advanced Beekeeper’s Training Program, and the Liberia Pure Honey social enterprise.

From 4pm Saturday 26 March - 4pm Sunday 27 March (Easter Sunday) 100% of ALL sales at Chambar, will benefit Universal Outreach’s anti-poverty honey and beekeeping initiatives in Liberia.

#SweetRelief will see a team comprised of Chambar owners, management, front-of-house and back-of-house staff, all whom will be on shift for 24 Hours straight serving patrons and supporters in an effort to raise $50,000.

The regular, à la carte Dinner Menu will be served 4pm to 4am and Brunch Menu from 4am to 4pm, with the additions of honey themed menu items, and a honey cocktail.

As part of their commitment to this worthy cause, Chambar owners Karri and Nico Schuermans have imported Liberia Pure Honey to be used in select dishes. Each Sweet Relief guest will receive a complimentary 2 oz. ampoule upon departure (while supplies last).

Devastated by last year’s Ebola outbreak, 83% of Liberia’s population lives on less than $1.73 CDN per day. Universal Outreach’s Advanced Beekeeper’s Training Program and its Liberia Pure Honey social enterprise and sales division allow a mostly rural population of subsistence farmers to supplement their income with a marketable skill that does not require displacement from their family land, while providing income for their children to attend school. Beekeeping supplies are also made locally which further assist the community. Universal Outreach also partners with organizations working in forestry and parks with their beekeeping programs. Beekeeping is an alternative income source to unsustainable deforestation practices.

Join Chambar for dinner, late night meal, even late-late night meal from 4pm - 4am Saturday 26 March, or Easter Brunch between 4am - 4pm on Sunday 27 March.

If you're unable to join Chambar for the 24 Hour Marathon, please donate generously to this cause, or support one of our participating staff. "It feels good to give!"

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