Cooling Cots for Canadian Hospitals

Our goal is simple: we will raise enough money to provide every hospital with maternity ward in Canada with a cooling cot - a crucial piece of equipment used to support parents who experience the loss of their baby. The cooling cot can help them spend precious time with their child.

Help us give the gift of time!
The main purpose of this fundraising campaign is to purchase cooling cots for hospitals in Canada with an initial focus on British Columbia. Cooling cots allow bereaved parents to spend precious time with their babies and infants after they have died. There are limited opportunities for parents to form important memories with their child and to create keepsakes which might help them in their grief process. The cots provide additional time when it is most needed.

We aim to purchase enough cooling cots so that each hospital in British Columbia has a minimum of one unit. BC has 53 hospitals with maternity wards. 16 hospitals account for 80% of all deliveries. Our minimum goal is to raise enough money for 5 cots, the secondary goal is to purchase 16 cots and the maximum goal is a cot for each hospital (53).

How to Help
This fundraising campaign is part of the October 15 - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day campaign. All funds raised through this group will be used to purchase cooling cots for Canadian hospitals.

If you are unable to make a personal donation to this campaign you could ask your employer about a corporate donation to the campaign or to donate goods in kind that could be auctioned off to raise money.

Apart from financial support you can support us in many other ways, such as by spreading the word, writing a media story about the campaign, organizing a fund raising event or similar.

As part of the awareness campaign we have listed other ideas how you can take action which includes activities like
- Requesting proclamations of Oct 15 as awareness day
- Illuminating landmarks across Canada on Oct 15
- Or organizing a Walk to Remember.

You will receive a tax receipt for your donation from the Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation.
97% of all funds raised go towards the purchase of cooling cots (unless hospital foundations charge us an additional processing fee, 2% online transaction fee, 1% administration fee).
You can give to the campaign directly which will make the donation available to the greatest need or you may contribute to any of the giving groups in our campaign that raise money for individual hospitals.

Each cot costs approx. $3,500 CAD.
Donations will be made available to hospital foundations who in turn then initiate the purchasing process for the hospital. We do not order or deliver the cots to the hospitals.
Each hospital has to approve the equipment. We will work with various hospitals on securing these necessary approvals.

Start a Fundraiser
If you are interested in creating your own fundraiser / giving group as part of this campaign to donate a cooling cot to a hospital of your choice, please get in touch with us. We will help you to get in touch with the hospital, to investigate if they are open to receiving a donated cooling cot, receiving necessary approvals and setting up your giving group.

Giving Groups supporting this Campaign