This Site Isn't Compatible with Internet Explorer 7

You arrived here because your web browser (the software you use to visit websites) is Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). IE7 is used by less than 1% of website visitors. Because it is an old, insecure, and difficult browser to build websites for, we no longer support it. Unfortunately, this means that if you'd like to use Chimp, you'll need to upgrade your browser. Don't worry, upgrading is easy and we provide suggestions below.

Why Don't You Support IE7?

IE7 was first launched in 2005. Today, this browser is 10 years old, which is an incredibly old age in the world of computing. Since 2005, the internet has evolved dramatically. Your current browser is no longer capable of providing you with an optimal, successful internet experience, mainly because:

How Can I Upgrade?

There are several free and legal alternatives to IE7. Under this, you will find a list of modern web browsers. They all support the latest web technologies, deliver a rich and complete user experience, and are more secure than IE7.

To learn more or download a newer browser, click one of these logos. The Chimp team recommends using Google Chrome.

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