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You likely know that a child in Canada, diagnosed with leukemia, has an excellent chance of survival.

But for Pooja, treated at MNJ Institute in Hyderabad, India, her late arrival with advanced leukemia lead to a sad reality.

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Donate today and double your impact. Thanks to a generous donor all donations to our year-end-campaign, including yours, will be matched dollar for dollar.

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration​ focuses on palliative care for people like Pooja. Those with cancer in regions of India and Nepal where the need is greatest. And due to poverty and lack of services, many don’t seek treatment until it’s too late.

This means the palliative care services YOU make happen, are so important.

THANK YOU and you can read Pooja’s story below.

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Your gift before the year end will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous Vancouver donor.

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Read more about Pooja from the palliative care team:

“We first met Pooja during a play hour session for all the children in the cancer ward. She danced to a popular telugu film song and she looked just like any other healthy child. A couple of weeks after that dance we got a referral from pediatric oncology to see Pooja.

She was in severe pain, confined to her bed, and her face had swollen up so we barely recognized her. She talked in a soft voice, telling us about her plans to re-write the school exams she was missing. Over the next week, Pooja got worse.

One morning, she asked us for a purple cycle. ‘But, Pooja, will you be able to ride a cycle now?’ She said ‘I will get better soon, and then I will ride the cycle.’

Next day, for less than $40 CDN, the team found a second hand purple bike, and brought it to Pooja’s bedside. She reached out with her hand and grabbed the handle. She passed away two days later in her sleep, painlessly, with her bike by her side”.

So, your support of palliative care in India and Nepal makes a difference. Children like Pooja deserve much more than they can afford and they frequently die in pain.

It was support from people like you that provided Pooja with that care and medication. It meant a painless and compassionate death for her. And yes, it even met her wish for a purple bike.

About the Organizers

Cancer survivorship in Canada makes this country an international leader in cancer control. A leading team of medical experts and volunteers at Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration play a key role in reducing suffering and improving cancer outcomes.
Past support has allowed the MNJ Institute in Hyderabad, India to see and treat 30 new children and 300 new adults with cancer every month. And your support now will also have great impact.

From now until the end of the year, every donation you make will continue that work and double its impact by being matched $ for $ by a generous, anonymous donor. THANK YOU.