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The 'Longest Float' for Zajac Ranch in memory of Rob Maar.

Coquitlam, BC

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The 'Longest Float' competition at Cloud9 Float Spa is January 23, 2016.

Three competitors are floating for up to 12 Hours in a Float Tank, raising money for Zajac Ranch in memory of Rob Maar.

The Group’s Purpose

The 'Longest Float' Challenge will be held at Cloud9 Float Spa from 7pm to 7am on January 23, 2016

Collectively, we are raising money for Zajac Ranch on behalf of Rob Maar. Zajac Ranch provides camps for children and young adults with chronic, life-threatening and/or debilitating conditions. With every $250 raised Zajac Ranch can provide 3 hours of activities for 10-12 children!

Rob Maar inspired the ‘Longest Float’ fundraiser idea and we are raising funds on his behalf. Rob unfortunately passed away earlier this year in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was a local Realtor in the Tri-cities and was an empowering individual to many. Rob was extremely community oriented and was passionate about raising money for young adults and children with disabilities.

How to Help

Our goal is to raise a total of $3,000 which will all be donated to Zajac Ranch. Any donation amount helps and for those who donate there is an extra BONUS for you!!!

Your name will be entered into a draw for a pampering package worth over $350.00 that includes:
- 3x Float Sessions at Cloud9 Float Spa
- 3x Lucia No.3 Light Sessions
- 3x Hydro-Massage Sessions

You will be issued a donation receipt for the amount donated.

About the Organizers

The ‘Longest Float’ competition is between three individuals who are extremely excited to spend up to 12 HOURS in a Float Tank for a good cause!

Competitor Number 1 is Leo Cheung – Leo is local Yoga Teacher and loves inspiring and teaching others. He is a true leader in life and was eager to start sharing this fundraiser with his followers to help Zajac Ranch!

Competitor Number 2 is Matt Don Carolis – Matt is a local realtor in the Tri-cities and is a professional golfer. Matt is a very community involved individual and was more than excited to help raise money on behalf of another fellow real tor and a good cause.

Competitor Number 3 is Travis McLaren – Travis founded Cloud9 Float Spa. Rob Maar, went out of his way to help support Travis’s dreams in life and now Travis is going the extra mile to raise money on behalf of Rob, so children with disabilities can experience life through a different lens!