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There is a big gap in providing quality programming for seniors in care and support for their families. The Baron Foundation wants to assist care facilities and loved ones by raising awareness for culture change in these homes and to make the lives of those in care fulfilling and meaningful.

The Group's Purpose

As former owners of Fraserview Care Lodge, a 100-bed residence for seniors, the mission of The Baron Foundation is to directly impact those who are living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. To give individuals support with engaging activities and tools to help them improve the quality and experience of their life. This includes providing music therapy for individuals and groups, pet therapy, entertainment, digital programs, devices, and one-to-one companions.

How to Help

Donate here to support The Baron Foundation’s funding of programs to provide care homes with the tools needed to decrease isolation and responsive behaviours and to help create environments where individuals can thrive.

About the Organizers

As a former educator, Donna Baron took her love of teaching into long-term care. Working alongside her Mother, Audrey Baron she became the Administrator and co-owner of Fraserview Care Lodge. Donna lead the Fraserview Leadership team through 3 Accreditations, of which the last one, exemplary (the highest) standing was awarded. A massive step in creating a thriving culture, Donna believed in staff and family wellness programs and education. Working with families one-to-one, she understood the emotional challenges families face with the admission process. She pioneered and created a counselling program to assist families and their residents with the transition into care.

Coreena Robertson believes that we can do better for those in their later years with memory loss. Immersed in dementia care as a teenager, helping with the family business, and completing her Human Kinetics degree, Coreena developed an innate understanding of psychosocial programming and the barriers many put on those with memory challenges.
Shadowing her Grandmother, Audrey Baron who with her husband Steve built Fraserview Care Lodge over 45 years ago in Richmond BC, as well as her Mother, Donna Baron, Coreena gained a genuine and organic understanding of person-centred care.

Over the years, Coreena has created over 60 programs and adapted several programs for those with more challenging conditions and responsive behaviours. She is an advocate of being in the moment with interactions and creating a safe and positive atmosphere that leaves a residual effect. Thus, increasing the hope of reducing reactive behaviours, and the need for pharmaceuticals used to treat behavioural issues.

Over her 25 years at Fraserview, Coreena has adjusted to the needs of the resident population and coordinated signature events to create an atmosphere and environment that entertains, appropriately stimulates, and creates community. Coreena created a community Care Fair, spoke at several conferences presenting Boomerang Life, an effective program for intellectual stimulation and produced a short film on seniors in care, ‘Life Inside’.

Past Projects and The Good Stuff

Care Fair (April 2015)

The first of its kind, the Care Fair was created for community connection, to bring the community to Fraserview, to come together and share knowledge on health and wellness. Hosting several health professionals including Dr. Gloria Gutman (SFU Gerontology), Dr. Carin Matsushita (Naturopathic Doctor) and Krista Frazee from the Alzheimer Society of BC, the Care Fair featured presentations and outdoor booths for the community and the resident seniors to attend.

Family & Resident BBQ (1991 – 2015 every August)

For over two decades, the family and resident BBQ was the highlight of the year! Hosting over 400 attendees, this outdoor themed event brought the residents, staff and everyone’s families back to the ‘20’s, 50’s and delivered experiences from Mexico, Hawaii, the Western Days and Mardi Gras! It is our mission to bring the best events possible.

Counselling Program

Donna Baron knew that an admissions counselling program would help transition families into care. The adjustment can be traumatic, having to accept a diagnosis that your loved one needs to be in a home, and having to move them into a room while taking care of financial and family matters can be extremely challenging. We implemented 16 hours of counselling for each new resident and their family in 2012. The program was incredibly successful, bridging the gap between resident’s families and the online staff as well as helping loved ones have peace of mind. We know the value of this program for the families and would like to help institute this program in care homes.

Amazing Lives Video

Connecting seniors in care to their caregivers is one of the most important things to do for psycho-social well being. As a pilot project, we created a video life story to share with online staff and volunteers.

Boomerang Life

A revolutionary program for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Boomerang Life exercised memory stores and promotes positive interactions and engagement for seniors in care.

Life Inside Video

We are proud to have shared a look inside our care home and an authentic and heartwarming reveal of those in care with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This video won the spotlight tv award. It is part of our mission to advocate and share that there is still so much life inside those who may not be able to recall the date or know your name… they are vibrant people who will thrive in positive and life-giving environments.

Through many years of dedication and hard work, Donna and Coreena are passionate about implementing ways through The Baron Foundation to continue the values and genuine care for seniors, their families, staff, and the community that surrounds us.