Team Falcons
Vancouver, BC

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Team Falcons is a U11 gold soccer team in North Vancouver that is committed to playing better soccer & by doing so hopes to raise money to support Cancer Research & young people to be able to play soccer.

We work hard to learn to play better. That makes a big difference. To us. To the world.

The Group's Purpose

Concept: play better technicall soccer = cash rewards for our causes. More passes. Strong fundamental skills. Great attitude. Focus. The better we play the more we earn & the more we learn. (Development not just winning).

Team Falcons supports Cancer Research & (helping kids play soccer).

How to Help

Make us a deal. Follow our individual and team improvements. The more you encourage good technical play the more we raise! Tell a friend.
Play better. Better play.

We are raising money through reaching our soccer goals and we are also gathering soccer gear to help other kids play. Your gear and funds are welcome.

About the Organizers

The management and coaches of the Falcons are focussed on starting a movement of better soccer development and a better environment to learn and play in. We want kids playing for soccer for life and leaving our team having learned more about life than when they first arrived.

Almost all of our families have been impacted by the dreaded Cancer and we hope to help our team realize they have an ability to make a difference. Small steps. Big impact.