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Refugee Claimants

Vancouver, BC

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Refugee claimants need your support more than ever. By giving to the Refugee Claimant Impact Portfolio, your gift will make the biggest impact possible.

The Group’s Purpose

Every year Vancouver welcomes hundreds of refugee claimants who were forced to flee from their countries, leaving behind their homes, their jobs, their communities, and their family members. They arrive in Canada anxious, displaced, and disoriented.

The COVID-19 pandemic amplifies their vulnerability and isolation, even as public services are suspended or significantly altered.

They need your help to grow fresh roots in our community right here.

The Refugee Claimant Impact Portfolio is a partnership of front-line organizations who welcome refugee claimants with housing, refugee settlement and community.

How to Help

Your gift helps over 100 people every month access transitional housing, education assistance, legal assistance, employment support, and counselling.

With a combined experience of more than 45 years in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley — Inasmuch Community Society, Journey Home Community Association, and Kinbrace Community Society provide comprehensive and dedicated assistance to refugee claimant families’ unique needs.

They are extremely grateful for peoples' generous support during these challenging days. Your support helps them make sure no one is left behind.

Join them in welcoming refugees to our communities where they can find peace, safety, and new friendships.

About the partners

Inasmuch Community Society—Two beautiful transition houses in Abbotsford, BC help up to 18 refugee claimants thrive in their new community and feel a true sense of belonging. Their satellite office, integrated into the Abbotsford Community Hub Centre, provides settlement services and employment support.

Journey Home Community Association—Newly arriving refugee claimants are welcomed with housing, settlement support and opportunities for connection. During the pandemic, Journey Home Community is making sure refugees maintain their housing and food security, and have moved several families out of shelters to transitional housing.

Kinbrace Community Society—The Kinbrace community welcomes refugee claimants with housing, education, and support. Our dream for each refugee claimant is a world of welcome, a community of belonging, and a life of opportunity.

About the Organizers

Students from the Vancouver Social Value Fund and Social Innovation Academy programs, representing both UBC and SFU, are taking time to understand the issues refugees face right now by holding conversations with those who work in this area already. They are helping to identify the greatest needs in each community, and to learn about how these three organizations use charitable donations to support arrivals going through Canada’s inland refugee protection system.

They have identified these partnering organizations as leaders in providing support and services all across the Vancouver metro region. Your gift will be divided equally between the three charities to spread help to newly arriving refugee claimants.

The National Social Value Fund runs an experiential program for students that supports youth from diverse faculties take control of running a local community impact fund.

Social Innovation Academy is a national initiative that focuses on supporting social purpose organizations and develops the next generation of social innovation leaders across Canada.