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Please join The CEE Refugee Family Project, a multi-faith project in Victoria, British Columbia working together with Congregation Emanu-El and Lutheran Church of the Cross, in our sponsorship of a family of six Syrian refugees to start a new life in Victoria.

The Family

This family of six, with four children ages seven and under, are UNHCR-registered Syrian refugees currently living in Southeast Asia, where they have been for several years. Conditions for the family there are very difficult. Thankfully, their UNHCR registration allows them to apply to live in Canada and our sponsorship team is applying on their behalf through the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA).

Before the family left Syria, they were in significant danger due to civil war. Their car was blown up and their apartment building was shelled. The alternative of returning to Syria would be extremely dangerous for them, especially since the father had been personally targeted before he left.

Fortunately, both parents have professional backgrounds, so we are confident they will manage to establish themselves successfully in Canada when they finally arrive. The mom is a teacher and has been focusing on helping the older children get some education as best she can. The dad is currently doing odd jobs to try to keep the family afloat financially.

The Need

Thanks to a number of very generous donors, we have already raised over $22,000! Some of this money has already been used to support the family, including covering medical costs for the delivery and initial medical problems of their youngest child born late last year.

But we still need to raise another $18,000 by October 31, 2022 to meet the minimum costs for the sponsorship, which are based on family size. This amount must be deposited prior to submission of the sponsorship application to the Government of Canada.

Our team is diligently working with the family to complete their immigration paperwork in addition to working to raise the needed funds.

A Multi-Faith Project

This sponsorship project is truly unique as a multi-faith effort with Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters to help a Muslim family find a new future in Canada.

We cannot wait to meet this courageous young family, as they exit the airport at Victoria International in a few years’ time. Once that beautiful day comes, and they’ve made it to Victoria, we will also be providing the practical help the family will need with resettlement and adjusting to life here.

We will be most grateful for any help you can give to enable this family to arrive safely in Canada.