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On Saturday, October 19, 2013 Social Bites, Chimp and Hawkers Market bring you a never-heard-of-before local, global dinner party. 30 Vancouverites open their homes to welcome diners in for a home cooked meal in support of their favourite charity.

The Group's Purpose

100%* of the ticket price you paid for #dinnerpartyYVR is gifted back to you as Chimp charity dollars after the event. You can use these charity dollars to donate to any charity supported through #dinnerpartyYVR. Simply choose the charity and allocate your amount. You can give to multiple charities too. E.g. $10 to SPCA and $15 to A Loving Spoonful. To search for the charities, use the search bar located above.

In addition, Modo The Car Coop is matching all funds raised as part of the event in carsharing dollars for the supported charity. This means that each ticket purchased for the event is contributing both cash and cars (or rather, 300 cars, trucks, vans, and electrics) to help local charities deliver critical services throughout Metro Vancouver. In this way, Modo, a not-for-profit locally operated co-operative, is demonstrating how businesses can support charity and community beyond strictly financial donations.

Charities that were chosen by our hobby chefs included:

A Better Life Foundation
A Loving Spoonful
BC Hospitality Foundation
Big Brothers + Big Sisters of Canada
Children's Hospital
David Suzuki Foundation
Farm Folk City Folk
Give To Mental Health
Heart and Stroke Foundation
Hope For the Nations
Josh Platzer Teen Suicide Prevention Society
Kid Sport
Sole Food Farms
St. James Music Acedemy
The Canadian Red Cross
Vancouver Food Bank
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver Native Health Society (Sheway)
Vancouver Rape Relief
Wildlife Rescue
Wish Vancouver
World in A Garden - Charity status pending please give to their Giving Group (

How to Help

Join this group so we can make sure you receive your $35 to make a donation and Modo The Car Coop can make the carsharing contribution to the participating charities.

*Note: On Oct. 29, all remaining funds in the giving group will be divided equally amongst the 24 supported charities.

*Chimp has one of the most competitive fee structures. And we don't shy away from the fact that processing donations has a cost associated with it. When you are ready to give your funds away, you will see a note explaining further pop up. You have the choice to make a slightly smaller donation ($35 minus ~3%), or to pay the fees associated. Thanks for understanding.

About the Organizers

Annika (Social Bites) and Crystal (Chimp) had already been longtime foodies, entrepreneurs and dogooders when they met in 2009. Combining their passions and love of Vancouver with their knowledge of events, charity, and partnerships, they've collaborated to bring #dinnerpartyYVR to life.