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Shining Raven Woman

Vancouver, BC

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This fund is able to accept gifts of support for renowned Indigenous artist & Master Carver of Salish-Halkomelem ancestry David Seven Deers' latest project, Shining Raven Woman.

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Read "Spirit Canoe" in my website

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Local Salish-Halkomelem artist, author and Sculptor, David Seven Deers is recognized internationally for his fine art, indigenous sculptural works; these works are featured in permanent private and public collections around the world. David’s most recent masterpiece, “Shining Raven Woman” is a tribute to “Ikasha” … a kneeling Salish woman symbolizing the spirit of unity and Indigenous Reconciliation. The stone figure was been meticulously sculpted and polished out of a one tonne piece of 4.6-billion-year-old Canadian Labradorite using traditional, painstaking, non-mechanical carving methods over 19 months of work.

This spring, upon completion of this Ancient Salish Stone figure, David Seven Deers expressed a desire to home Ikasha at the confluence of Grand Forks, BC valley’s two rivers, facing east to the rising sun. His wish is to contribute the sculpture as a cultural legacy to our community’s and Canada's and the world's peoples in perpetuity. Shining Raven Woman carries with her an intrinsic message of respect for First Nations and all non-native peoples, the honouring of ancient ancestors, recognition of indigenous culture and embracing the unity that is mirrored by the flowing together of the 2 rivers' waters.