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Group Admins

The Share Bibles App is a tool developed 100% by volunteers that serves to help track Bible distribution around the world.

The Group's Purpose

The Share Bibles App tracks and reports Bible distribution activity using GPS location and distribution status. It records distribution status, the ministry that facilitates that distribution and what Bibles are being distributed.

How to Help

There are three ways to get involved with the Share Bibles App:

1. Use it!
Distribute Bibles and record the Bible distribution activity.

2. Finance it!
There are costs to build and maintain the Share Bibles App and the database that facilitates the tracking and the records. Those costs are monthly and increase with the increasing usage of the app. Donations to maintain this tool is needed and welcomed.

3. Build it!
We continue to include volunteer developers who want to help build this kingdom-advancing tool. For more information, contact us: [email protected]

About the Organizers

Rob Wiebe is the founder of Share Bibles. Together with the help of volunteers Rob built the current version of the Share Bibles app and continues to lead its development further so that Bible distribution ministries are empowered to get a Bible into every home in their communities.

Rob Wiebe currently serves as a full-time missionary with Youth With A Mission.

[email protected]