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Scott's ​Kelowna to Naramata Charity Run for Mental Health 2020

Kelowna, BC

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On Sunday May 9th/20 I will be participating in a fun 35km-ish run from Kelowna to Naramata through Okanagan Mountain Park. It won't be fast or breaking any records, and may look like a Funny Run from Monty Python, but my goal is to finish and raise funds for Mental Health.

The Group’s Purpose

As a now sporadic trail runner, I am still so very fortunate to have the health to explore the great outdoors, feel my hearts beat, blood pump and more so stopping to breath in the air and life that it gives me.

The group will be running from Kelowna to Naramata to help raise awareness and fundraising for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Kelowna & to help with future trail improvements and maintenance with Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park.

How to Help

Please consider donating and help me raise $200 to give back to the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Mental Health is something that we often take for granted yet all of us are not so lucky, or we can't predict circumstances that may change ours.

• 1 in 5 will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime.

• Mental illnesses respond best to early diagnosis, treatment and other supportive interventions.

• Only 1/3 of those who need mental health services actually receive them.

• Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15–24 year olds and is one of the leading causes of death from adolescence to middle age.

About the Organizers

PACE...'Positive Attitude Changes Everything". Yes they are an optimistic and happy crew, that gives so much back to this community.