Sam and Ewan's walk 4 water
Vancouver, BC

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On June 6th we'll be participating in the ACTS Walk for Water. I'll be carrying a jerry can full of water to experience what Ugandans have to do every day to collect clean water.

The Group's Purpose

The goal of the event is to start to understand what Ugandans go through every day to collect water, inspiring others to give so that more Ugandans have access to clean water, freeing them from disease and needless labour.

How to Help

You can help in one of two ways: donate to my Giving Group to help bring clean water to Ugandans, or join me on June 6th to understand what this every day task feels like for Ugandans.

About the Organizers

ACTS is a Vancouver-based charity working to free Ugandans from disease and needless labour through access to clean water.