Rainbow New Beginnings
Ottawa, ON

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This group intends to privately sponsor two gay men and two bisexuals and their daughter from the Middle East so they can be given a new beginning in Ottawa free from fear of the persecution they have endured in their home and host countries.

The Group's Purpose

Our group, Rainbow New Beginnings, is dedicated to rescuing LGBT refugees from the Middle East, or elsewhere, who are facing discrimination, persecution, torture or even death threats. Our objective is to bring them to the safety of Canada using the government's private sponsorship program and through the generous donation of financial and social support by our network of friends and contacts.

How to Help

1. You can help by giving a donation on this site. A tax receipt will be issued to all Canadian residents.

2. We invite you to attend our fundraisers as advertised on our Facebook page. Simply enter "Rainbow New Beginnings" on Facebook and then click on Events.

About the Organizers

We are a group of 9 private citizens from various walks of life who give their time and efforts so that LGBT people may be given a new beginning in Ottawa free of reprisals and persecution just because they are of a minority sexual orientation.