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Hello to all my friends, family, and supporters! This group has been formed to help fund my journey towards the 2013 World Cross Country Championships in Poland... and beyond. Thank-you so much for supporting my dream of running for Canada. You will all be with there me, every step of the way.

The Group's Purpose

Welcome to all my friends, family, and supporters as I start my journey towards the 2013 World Cross Country Championships in Poland and beyond!

I have recently been selected to the Canadian team competing at the 2013 World Cross Country Championships in Poland! This selection was based on my recent performance at the NACAC Championships in January- where I placed 2nd and Team Canada finished 1st. Since I became involved in track and field at the age of 16, representing Canada has been a dream of mine and I am so excited for the opportunity to wear the Canadian singlet! The World Cross Country Championships has some of the greatest depth of any event in elite distance running and therefore the competition promises to be a unique and highly valuable experience for me as an athlete.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I cannot thank my coach, training partners, friends and family enough for all their time and unconditional support. Without your help there is no way I could balance graduate school and the pressures of training and competing in track and field at this level. That said, Athletics Canada is unable to fund the Senior Women’s travel to Worlds, so we must each pay $1,500 to represent Canada.

I have started this page in the hopes to fundraise enough money to cover my trip. Any donations that I receive via Chimp will be forwarded to Athletics Canada to help offset travel costs to both Championships. All donations are 100% tax receipted. Chimp only takes a 1% fee, so virtually all goes to the athlete.

Thank you for your time, I very much appreciate your consideration. Please check back on this page as I will update it to keep you informed on my journey!

How to Help

You support can come in many forms. As a supporter, you can:

1. Donate to my group. All your donations are 100% tax-receipted.

2. Get in touch. If you run for a local team or club that need some training, I would be happy to come and help. Lets trade my coaching time, for your support.

3. Any other creative ideas that you have, I'm all ears.