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Project S A N D box at Hopewell Ave P.S.

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Project SANDbox is a mission to build a new kinder yard at Hopewell, and we are at it again!

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors last year. We are continuing on our mission and hope you join us during the 2020/2021 school year!

Any unused funds will go toward student activities.

The Group’s Purpose

Project SANDbox is an initiative to create a natural playground that encourages nature play for 200 kindergarten students and 16 preschoolers at Hopewell. Their current structure is dated and has a compacted sand surface that prevents drainage, creating floods and hazardous icy conditions in the winter.

All of your donations will go into a tangible legacy at the centre of the Old Ottawa community. The funds will be used to dig up the yard, install proper drainage, all new surfaces including accessible surface of wood chips and maintain the paved pathway for tricycle and plasma car tracks. The funds will go toward beautiful trees to provide shade and learning opportunities for our children. There is also a planned stretched canvas shade sail over a new sandbox to continue that fun sensory play and outdoor learning space complete with natural log seating, a wooden play tunnel and play huts! Check out the design in the photos section.

Through the school board, the design of the new playground kindergarten yard was completed by Evergreen, playground designer specialists. You can see some of their other work here:

The new yard will build on the legacy that Hopewell Avenue Public School has to our community in Old Ottawa South.

Your donations will go toward a tangible piece of infrastructure that all of the children in our community can be proud of and will enjoy for years to come. The children need it, especially during this year, and when we all come back to school in the Fall of 2021, they have a brand new yard to enjoy!

Please help up reach our goal this year! If you have already supported this initiative - THANK YOU! We are so grateful to our generous community and its support for the new kindergarten yard. You make our community a wonderful place to live.

How to Help

Please donate or join our team by emailing us at

Interested in seeing our progress? Join this Giving Group as a member and you can follow all the wonderful generosity of our lovely school community.

We would love volunteers to join the Project SANDbox fundraising team. If you have experience or interest in fundraising we need you!

About the Organizers

We are a school council-led initiative. A committee of volunteers of parents, teachers and community members and small business owners.

Any unused funds will go toward students and school activities.