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Welcome to all my fans, friends new & old, family, and supporters of mine on my quest for Olympic Gold in London. I've started this "giving group" because I would not be competing at my 3rd Olympic Games this summer without the support of so many generous people and charities. An Olympic campaign is a very expensive venture and truly a team effort. No medal is won by only the athlete themself and I definitely cannot do this on my own. My team’s support is essential and very valuable to me. Your donation counts and will be appreciated by Canadian athletes from the grassroots to the Olympic elite!

Thanks to the Elysium Foundation, each $1 raised in this group will be matched, up to the first $10,000.

Proceeds from this group will go towards:

1. Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund) is a not for profit organization devoted solely to raising funds and awareness for Canadian athletes.
* I am a 3 time recipient of CanFund. When I switched sports from sailing 470's in Athens to Olympic Windsurfing, I lost most of my financial support. CanFund believed in me and helped me through my transition - for which I am most grateful - I will now be competing as a medal hopeful in my second Olympics as a windsurfer.

2. CKNW Orphans' Fund - These guys do incredible work that I am extremely passionate about as an Olympian. Their primary goal is to provide services to children with special needs. Some of the amazing stuff they do is:
- Provide speech, language & music therapy
- Wheelchairs, van lifts, specialized equipment
- Hearing & special computer aids
- Eyeglasses & emergency dental work
- Summer camps and an annual picnic for 3,000 kids
- Shelter services for youth at risk
- Fund program designed to provide education to youth & children

3. KidSport: KidSport™ believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.
* Participation in sport at a young age has had a huge impact on Nikola not only as an elite athlete, but also as a person. As a team KidSport member, she hopes to help ensure all kids have the opportunity to experience the benefits that sport can bring.

4. The Vancouver Friends For Life Society
* 15 years ago my father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Through alternative therapies he extended his life 8 months longer than he was told he'd live. He was my biggest supporter and he was never able to see how far I've come. I'm dedicating my performance at these Olympic Games to him.

How does it work? Simple. Pledge money for results that I'm striving for. Or pledge for something different. But whatever you pledge, make sure you drop it into the group, once the dust settles on London 2012, and the training begins again.

Some of my personal goals for the Olympics, which you can choose to support are:

1. Winning an Olympic medal.
2. Being in the final Medal Race (after the first 10 races, only the top 10 of 28 racers get to do this race - it's double points so can shake things up lots)
3. There are 11 races... finishing all of them in the top 10.
4. Winning a race at the Olympics. Consistency is key - you can win gold without ever winning a race though :)
5. Make up your own challenge for me! ... like if I can get pictures with famous athletes or the Queen.

Feel free to pledge for anything, and for any amount, you wish.

Thank you everyone for your support. You will all be with me in London!

Yours in sailing,