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Mat's Ironman for Fast & Female 2020

Toronto, ON

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We want to raise awareness around the fact that 62% of Canadian girls are not participating in any kind of sport. That 1 in 3 girls drop out of sports even though physical health and wellness through sports can help young women develop confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills.

The Group's Purpose

My wife and I have been given the opportunity to participate in sport and we both know the skills developed through sport can carry an individual onto success in anything they desire.

With a young daughter we want to make sure she is given every opportunity to achieve success.

We want to make sure that we share the message that when girls drop out of sports, they miss out on the confidence, leadership and resiliency skills that sports experiences provide.

we want our daughter and all other girls to gain all the benefits and life skills that sports provide, and we want them to be empowered for life!

How to Help

Please share this with your friends and help us make a difference by donating to Fast and Female and help continue to empower ALL girls for life! Anything big or small will enable continued support to ensure all girls are getting access to programs that set them up to lead and be successful

About the Organizers

dad, athlete, husband who wants to give back through sports as it has helped me achieve things beyond what I thought was possible