Langley Youth Unlimited

Striving to live out the example of Jesus to love the vulnerable, you can find Youth Unlimited staff engaging in the lives of young people in the community of Langley via partnerships with schools and community with the intent of fostering holistic connections that youth need to thrive in life.

Organizer: Dan Ferguson

Type Of Group: Religion

Location: Langley, BC


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The Group's Purpose

Our purpose is to connect vulnerable youth with life.

Youth like these:
When we met her, she was curled up in a ball crying in the hallway of a high school. She was overwhelmed, unconnected and unsafe.

During our time with him, he ran into traffic to end it all. He convinced himself the world would be better without him. He was angry and unstable.

They admitted that they overdosed on drugs after feeling that no one could accept them or their identity. They were afraid, rejected and alone.

Through relationships and programs, our staff provided safety, stability and a sense of belonging for these youth and walked with them on the long road toward healthy living.

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

In 2018/2019 Youth Unlimited staff invested over 12,000 hours into a community 5000 youth in Langley. Through partnerships at schools and the community, youth workers can be present at the times and places that youth need these connections most. Youth rely on the relationships formed with our staff to get connected to the support they need to take the next step in their lives.

Time is the most precious commodity that we can give to these vulnerable young people. You can help by investing in our time through financial support. The more stable our funding base the more time we can invest in individual lives, families, programs, and schools. Without this base, youth workers are forced to take on other jobs, limiting time and support that can be offered to youth.

It costs Youth Unlimited only $92 per year for each young person in our circle to have an opportunity for safety, security and a sense of belonging. How many youth will you help connect with life this year?

About the Organizers

Youth Unlimited is an international faith-based organization committed to loving others like Jesus and in seeing the hope and potential in every young person. We take the passions of our staff along with the needs of our community in establishing our unique approach to each area we work in.

Our Langley team is comprised of seven staff, dozens of volunteers and many community partnerships that enable us to work in five schools, offer a range of programming and provide individualized care for a wide range of vulnerable youth.