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Disruptions due to COVID-19 make it hard for kids coping with mental stress and learning disorders to succeed in school. Arts-enriched learning boosts engagement and marks. We’re raising $12,000 to give 100 kids a leg up on academic and social success.

The Group’s Purpose

Hello. My name is Tim. I’m a Teacher-Artist. I work with classroom teachers to enrich lessons through movement arts. I want to empower vulnerable kids to succeed in school.

Education is NOT a level playing field. Kids coping with mental stress and learning disorders need extra supports. Low income families lack access to learning enrichments. Restrictions brought on by COVID-19 amplify inequities in education. The arts are needed.

The arts engage diverse learners. Arts requiring physical activity train cognitive skills needed for better academic outcomes. Dance-enriched learning combines the best of both.

Alas, funding levels for in-school arts/dance enrichments are in free fall.

I invite you to join me — make a donation and you’ll encounter stories of personal achievement to make your eyes water and heart sing. Thank you.

Stay safe. Keep the distance. Be calm. We’ll get through this (pandemic) together.

How to Help

Sponsor a child - $150 sponsors a child for 12 weeks of dance-enriched learning.

Sponsor a school - Talk to us about how you, or your business, can make a difference for an entire school community.

About the Organizers

Tim is a Dance Educator. He left a career in Engineering to inspire kids to dance and learn. Working with the Charitable Impact Foundation, he has raised over-$75,000 and taught nearly-500 children to experience learning success.

“This is one of the best enrichment programs I’ve seen.” – Trevor Ludski, retired-Superintendent, Toronto Schools; Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal-recipient.

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