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We're raising $6,000 to give 200 kids a learning boost. (TELUS will add $20,000.) DARE-2-Dance is inclusive learning that engages kids through high-energy, in-class dancing lessons, and enriches social, emotional & cognitive abilities. You get a tax receipt. Deserving kids get a leg up in school.

The Group's Purpose

To encourage children and youth to embrace a life of learning. To enrich social, emotional and cognitive learning. To provide an inclusive learning environment where underprivileged and vulnerable kids can thrive.

Dance enrichment empowers kids to succeed in school. Kids who get regular dance enrichment score higher at math and other subjects. Alas, funding levels for in-school arts/dance programs have taken a nose dive. Everyone loses out – most of all, the kids. #KidsCrave2Move

How to Help

Sponsor a child - $150 sponsors a child for the 12-lesson program.

Sponsor a school - Talk to us about how you, or your company, can make a difference for an entire school community.

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Planning a Legacy Gift? Start a legacy with CHIMP and help disadvantaged kids thrive in school.

About the Organizers

Tim Mah is a dance educator and an advocate for arts-integrated education. He left a Professional Engineering-career to teach children and youth what it takes to succeed in school. Why? Because he believes every child, regardless of socio-economic means, deserves the chance to learn to their strengths.

The school classroom is a collection of diverse learners. Some learn best in the traditional text-based (“verbal-linguistic”) way. Others do not. Vulnerable and special-needs kids often fall into the latter group. For them, school can be traumatic. More inclusive, multiple-intelligence learning opportunities are needed. Arts enriched education offers an answer.

Tim teaches a curricular enrichment program based on movement and music: the 'DARE-2-Dance' (D2D) program is designed to bend bodies and sharpen minds. Despite its name, the program is about more than dancing.

Educators say D2D develops social, emotional and cognitive learning using high-energy, progressive and engaging dancing activities. Kids are motivated to stick with it in order to succeed. Because it's curricular, everyone in the class gets to take part.

D2D follows a successful program out of the National Dance Institute (NDI) in New York City. Funded by donations and private endowments, the NDI program is taught in arts-underserved schools in 12 cities across the US.

Tim’s goal is to make D2D the gold standard for arts enriched education in Canada. As public funding for curricular arts programs drops to new lows, Tim is counting on private individuals who believe in educating the whole child - body, heart and mind - for support. Donate to our CHIMP group and give deserving kids a leg up in school, and a better chance at success in life.

“This is one of the best (dance) enrichment programs I’ve seen.” – Trevor Ludski, retired-Superintendent, Toronto Schools; Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal-recipient for work on diversity.

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