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Disruptions due to COVID-19 make it hard for special needs kids to succeed. Disrupted schedules and absent learning supports amplify mental stress. Arts-enrichment is needed to boost engagement and marks, and teach kids to thrive. We’re raising $12,000 to keep kids dancing, learning, and healing.

The Group’s Purpose

Kids crave to move. Did you know that learning to dance empowers a child to do better in school? It’s a fact: Regular dancing classes improve Executive Functions needed for higher reasoning and problem-solving.

My name is Tim Mah. I'm a teaching-artist and dance educator. I work with classroom teachers to enrich school subjects through dancing and creative movement. I created the “DARE-2-DanzKOOL Active Learning Project” to energize lessons and give children the chance to experience success through kinesthetic learning.

But, getting access is not a level playing field. Schools in hard-knock neighbourhoods, serving disproportionately higher numbers of special needs kids and kids coping with mental stress and trauma, lack resources to access regular arts enrichments. Restrictions brought on by CoVID-19 amplify inequities borne by marginalized and vulnerable students.

You can be a game-changer. Make a donation and give kids a leg up on learning. Thank you.

How to Help

Sponsor a child - $150 sponsors a child for 12 weeks of dance-enriched learning.

Sponsor a school - Talk to us about how you, or your business, can make a difference for an entire school community.

About the Organizers

I left a career in Engineering to become a Dance Educator. The story behind this isn't the point. I did it to make a difference for hard-knock kids. I know that learning to dance can give a child the leg up in school s/he needs.

Working with the Charitable Impact Foundation, we’ve been able to raise over-$75,000 which has enabled nearly-500 children to experience learning success.

“This is one of the best enrichment programs I’ve seen.” – Trevor Ludski, retired-Superintendent, Toronto Schools. 

“This program details a road map to learning success for kids who seldom get the experience.” — Krystyna Niziolek, educator, Vancouver School Board.

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