Jillian Lavallee's Legacy Fund
Calgary, AB

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Our family created a legacy fund in memory of our sweet girl Jillian Lavallee and we are beyond thankful for your love. To date, we’ve been able to build a relationship with the Kharbanda family and raise over $80,000 for them. Thanks to your support! Now it’s time to start Jillian’s next Legacy!

The Group's Purpose

Now it’s time to start Jillian’s next Legacy! We are starting a Scholarship Fund in Jillian’s name at TWU, where she graduated with a Business degree in 2014.

Jillian graduated from Trinity Western University (TWU) and the five years spent there helped her mature into the delightful and mature young woman she became. Therefore, we want to help provide this experience to another student that may not be able to afford an education. Our hope is to help a young woman, or man, who has experienced a significant loss or life experience get the education that perhaps would have been achievable if life events didn't get in the way. Therefore, Jillian's Legacy for 2016 will be her Scholarship Fund for the School of Business at TWU.

How to Help

Help us continue Jillian's Legacy by supporting her scholarship fund. Whether it’s $5 or $500, your generosity will help her legacy live on and give an opportunity for another young woman,or man, to succeed in hard times.

About the Organizers

Caitlin Lavallee is Jillian's older sister. She was deeply impacted by her sister’s tragic accident. However, instead of letting the negative affect her life she decided to find the positive in the midst of a terrible situation. Therefore, she started Jillian's Legacy Fund which is an opportunity for those who have been moved to respond in a positive way to a tragic situation.