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Jacob's Well is HOMELESS!

Vancouver, BC

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Jacob's Well has been evicted from its home at 239 Main Street in the DTES of Vancouver, and will be homeless by September 1st. Our community has made the decision to move forward and seek a new location and our goal is to raise $100,000 to pay for the move and renovations at a new location.

The Group's Purpose

Jacob's Well needs your help!

After 16 years of residency, Jacob’s Well Ministry has been evicted from 239 Main Street in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver. The property has been sold and will be used for new purposes, and so Jacob's Well will be homeless as of September 1st, 2017.

The Jacob’s Well community feels called to continue its ministry in the DTES. Moving and re-establishing ourselves in a new location, however, requires our entire community to meet the challenge of moving within a short time frame: Jacob’s Well needs to raise $50,000 by June 15th as a first step towards procuring and renovating a new facility where we can continue the work of sharing God’s love with our neighbours. If we are unsuccessful in raising the funds we will be forced to consider closing our doors for good.

How to Help


- Pray for God’s provision and direction for Jacob’s Well
- Give financially or pledge your support towards our $50,000 target
- Advocate for Jacob’s Well. Connect us with your church or potential investors
- Share our fundraising campaign on your Facebook page

Experience our community at one of our fundraisers:

- Friday, May 29 - Music Night Fundraiser (6:30 PM @ 239 Main St.)
- Saturday, June 3 - Walkathon (1:30 PM @ Stanley Park Miniature Railway Entrance)
- Friday, June 9 - Pizza Party Fundraiser (4 PM @ Briarpatch Garden: E. Cordova St. & Princess Ave.)

Churches/community groups/governmental agencies:

- Let your group know about our needs and invite members to consider giving
- Allocate a Sunday offering to our ministry, or invite a community organization to make Jacob’s Well the beneficiary of a pending donation
- Allocate some of your monthly/annual tithe to Jacob’s Well
- Post fundraising events in your church bulletin/ community bulletin board or Facebook (email [email protected] for details)
- Host a fundraising event for Jacob’s Well before June 15th

About the Organizers

A faith-based ecumenical Christian community, Jacob’s Well is located in Vancouver’s DTES. We seek mutually transformative friendship with people on the margins of society and also offer opportunities for others to be equipped to do the same in their own context.

Founded in 2001 Jacob’s Well continues the legacy of Pauline Fell, who had spent 25 years building friendships on the streets of the DTES. At age 85, Pauline felt God calling her to invite others to come alongside to carry on her work of forming loving friendships.

Jacob’s Well creates opportunities for individuals to share experiences and build long-term relationships with people from all socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, in a context of addiction, mental illness, homelessness, social isolation, prejudice, and fear. Local residents and volunteers join staff in cultivating a space where everyone is welcomed. The current storefront is designed to create a sense of home by providing a living room at the front and a large open kitchen at the back, in which everyone participates in baking, cooking, and cleaning up while chatting about the day. Our community times include: coffee, art, community kitchen, worship, visiting, playing music, impromptu games, celebrating birthdays, sharing talents, visiting friends in hospital, and taking day trips out of city. We also support each other through the loss of friends and family, which has been happening at an unprecedented pace in our neighbourhood.