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Jackson's "Great Things Happen When You Read! Read-A-Thon" Fundraiser

Toronto, ON

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Meet Jackson! He raised money for the Sick Kids Foundation by hosting a "Read-A-Thon" event!

The Group’s Purpose

Meet Jackson! He raised money for the Sick Kids Foundation by hosting a "Read-A-Thon" event! Jackson is a 7 year old boy from Brampton, Ontario. From a very young age he understood the importance of helping others in his community. This past Christmas, Jackson had a successful toy drive in which he collected 150 toys for toys for tots. He was so inspired by the kindness and generosity of others that he wanted to continue to give so he is tying together his love for reading and his interest in helping sick kids who are hospitalized to have his very own Read-A-Thon! He not only wants to raise money but also inspire other kids to make a difference and help in any way they can! Jackson challenged himself to raise
$5,000 all while reading 5,000 minutes in return for the donations.

On behalf of Jackson and his family thank you for visiting this page and we would greatly appreciate all of the support we received!


Check out our event post on the Sick Kids Foundation website:

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Jackson raised $4,000 on here and read 5,493 minutes across Canada and then across the World! Way to go Jackson! :) What a great achievement!

In addition to the $4,000, Peel Police graciously donated $1,000 to the Sick Kids Foundation, in honour of Jackson's Read-A-Thon event. That being said, we've REACHED OUR GOAL OF $5,000! :)

About the Organizers

To help him achieve this goal, Jackson will be using the reading log programs "Read Across Canada" and "Read Across the World" from Mind Growth Education!

Here at Mind Growth Education, we give the opportunity for children to make a positive change in the world by allowing them to raise money for a cause that is dear to their hearts. We do this by organizing and hosting "Read-A-Thon" fundraising events for them, all while inspiring them to become the best reader they possibly can be with one of Mind Growth Education’s home reading log program. Our programs serve as a tool to track students accountability in a home reading program, as well as offering them a way to explore Canada from a variety of perspectives: artistic, cultural, historical, geographical, political and/or economical.

For more information about Mind Growth Education, please visit our website at