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Hilson Avenue PS Schoolyard Renewal

Ottawa, ON

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Hilson Avenue students want to bring their schoolyard to life and they need your help! They are asking for the community’s support to help transform their yard of hard-packed dirt into the outdoor space they deserve–with opportunities for learning and play that encourage creativity & healthy living

The Group’s Purpose

Hilson’s 334 students spend a lot of their time at school. Outdoor play is the most active part of their day, so the environment for this play is vitally important. Right now, the schoolyard at the corner of Richmond Road and Hilson Avenue is a barren wasteland of dirt and asphalt, with no play equipment, green spaces or shaded areas.

Parents, students and teachers at the school are all in strong support of creating a greener and more enjoyable environment for the school’s young adventurers. We’re planning substantive upgrades to the yard, incorporating opportunities for exploration, climbing and play – as well as more natural areas to encourage an appreciation of the outdoors and active living. The new yard will benefit both Hilson students and local children who use the space in the evening and weekends.

This is a parent-led community initiative... if we want our community’s kids to enjoy all the benefits of a revitalized schoolyard, we need to work together to get it done. That’s why we need your help!

The project will be delivered in phases with notable improvements through 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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