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Feminine Hygiene Packs - Family Empowerment Project - AO Cambodia

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Asian Outreach seeks to empower girls aged 12-14 years through women's health, domestic violence, and human trafficking awareness training in rural Cambodian villages. Feminine hygiene kits are distributed to each participant.

This program falls under AO Cambodia's 'Family Empowerment Project.'

Feminine Hygiene Kits

We are looking to purchase 350 feminine hygiene kits. These kits will be distributed to girls aged 12-14 years who live in 11 targeted rural Cambodian villages. We prioritize groups of women and girls who do not have access to an education in school, live in poor families, and experience domestic violence. Each feminine hygiene kit costs $25.00 CAD.


In addition to receiving a feminine hygiene kit, these young girls will also receive monthly training. Training topics include: domestic violence, safe migration, healthy lifestyles, hygiene, human rights, human trafficking awareness, sex and pregnancy, and mental health.

Project Goals

To empower young girls through knowledge and resources; to improve their lives and their family relationships; and to raise outstanding female role models in these communities. Women and girls are encouraged and educated so that they can live equally and safely in their community. This includes decision-making, education, work, and protecting themselves from human trafficking, violence and all forms of exploitation.