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The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened a remarkable community spirit of generosity. In the midst of this pandemic, we need to remember those whose vulnerability is compounded by COVID-19. We need to keep faith with the vulnerable.

The Group’s Purpose

The COVID-19 virus has compounded the challenging circumstances of the food security of children no longer attending school where they received a nutritious meal, those who have had to leave their homes and start over, the refugee, those caring for the environment, and victims of domestic violence. These are the organizations which can bring about the most sustainable support through this pandemic and in the months and years ahead.

Jeremy Bell brings more than 40 years experience in the faith-based and not for profit social services world. He has served in a wide variety of community contexts, including co-founding a counselling centre, HomeStart Vancouver, a local church, and he was on the original board for Alpha Canada.

Jeremy is the General Secretary for a North American organization representing 22 denominations, 19.5 million people and 55,000 churches. Jeremy has served in a variety of community organizations; civilian chaplain of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, co-chair of the Regent College Board, chair of A Rocha Canada, a member of the spiritual emphasis committee of the YMCA, and led one of the founding organizations of the Metro Vancouver Alliance.

His commitment to a comprehensive response to COVID-19 was reflected in his being a signatory to the Vancouver Sun published BC Christian leaders letter, calling on the 2 million Christians in British Columbia to encourage and care for their neighbour as we follow the directives of our health care leaders.

This Impact Portfolio is for those who seek to provide faith-based support to the most vulnerable populations in BC.

How to Help

All of the funds given to this Impact Portfolio will be sent to charities that Jeremy knows make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable people they serve.

Breakfast Club Canada: There is no more vulnerable segment of the population than children that are hungry. Breakfast Club Canada provides over 200,000 meals every school day. Breakfast Club of Canada is working with likeminded organizations, schools and school districts across the country to help meet the needs of children & families who face food insecurity.

HomeStart Foundation accesses the available supply of surplus quality furniture, saving it from the landfill, and furnishes homes for people in need. Imagine self-isolating in an empty space with no furniture - we can turn those spaces into homes.

Kinbrace Community Society: Already forcibly displaced from home and country, people seeking refugee protection in Canada are hyper-exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your donation provides housing and support to 30-45 of the most vulnerable refugee claimants during this time of sheltering in place.

A Rocha Canada: The environment is always at risk of harm and its degradation always disproportionately affects the vulnerable, an area of engagement that is even more important during this pandemic. A Rocha is transforming people and places through hands-on conservation projects, environmental education programs and sustainable agriculture initiatives.

Kate Booth House: Domestic violence has dramatically increased during the COVID-19 crisis. Kate Booth House is a safe and confidential shelter providing a supportive environment for women and children escaping violence, regardless of race, colour, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or age.

About the Organizers

Jeremy has been directly involved in 4 out of the 5 organizations and can attest to the effectiveness of each group and their support of the vulnerable people they serve. His involvement in not for profits was informed by his MA thesis from Royal Roads on the effective measuring instruments not-for-profits used for their work.

When you give to his Impact Portfolio, Jeremy will send you timely updates on where your generous contributions are going and how they are changing the lives of our most vulnerable neighbours.