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Everyone's Sister is a group of volunteers who wish to privately sponsor a young Syrian woman and help her settle in Ottawa.

The Group's Purpose

Everyone’s Sister is a community group devoted to helping settle women refugees fleeing war, violence and/or exploitation. The Group recognizes that at least half of the refugees in the world are women and girls whose refugee experience puts them at a heightened risk of sexual and gender-based violence. Everyone’s Sister sponsors individual women refugees seeking to reunite with family in Ottawa and supports them in using their skills and abilities to successfully resettle in the community.

Our present goal is to raise funds to support Farah, a 22-year-old Syrian woman, in coming to Canada to join her older brother Sam. The funds raised will support Farah during her first year in Ottawa and cover her costs for rent, clothing, education, food, and other living expenses. We aim to raise $22,000.

Everyone’s Sister is grateful for the support of St. Paul’s-Eastern United Church in Sandy Hill which is partnering with the group as its Sponsorship Agreement Holder and will hold all donated funds in a trust account for Farah.

How to Help

1. You can help by giving a donation on this site. A tax receipt will be issued to all Canadian residents.

2. Buy tickets and come to our New Year’s Eve Fundraising party. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. at the Carriage House at 43 Blackburn Ave. in Sandy Hill. Tickets are $100 with a $75 tax receipt to be issued in support of our initiative. Bring your own appetizer and drinks so most of the funds we raise can go to bringing Sam’s sister to Canada. Tickets available at everyonessister@gmail.com.

3. If you believe in our goal, you can help by telling your friends about this site.

About the Organizers

Everyone’s Sister is a group of individuals who have a shared interest in helping a young woman reunite with her family and establish a new life in Ottawa. We are a diverse group with a broad range of skills and resources necessary to support Farah in establishing herself in Ottawa.

The active members of this group are: Barbara Bloor, Lynn Marchildon, Cindy Mitchell, Michael Smith, Thomas Slade, Wendy Bergeron, Wendy McPeake, Marque Laflamme and Ingrid Fish.

We can be reached at: everyonessister@gmail.com