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Auriel Eurythmy offers eurythmy training to people from all walks of life. Some students live in areas/countries of low income, working in not for profit Waldorf School initiatives. This scholarship fund is to support people to participate in the training to bring eurythmy to their communities.

The Group's Purpose

We are committed to the transformative power of the practice of eurythmy, and we want communities to have their own eurythmist to work with.

Auriel Eurythmy is a part of KSLL (Kootenay Society for Life Long Learning) a registered charity in Canada based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, that fosters learning for all ages and in all realms of life.

Auriel Eurythmy strives to foster the art of eurythmy as a performing art, as a path of inner development, for eurythmy teachers, and for healing and for nourishment.

How to Help

You can help us by offering a donation, and really any amount is helpful. 100% of these funds will all go to the eurythmy scholarship fund.

Right now we have 6 people in Mexico waiting for scholarship so that they are able to join the training. All of these people are committed to bringing eurythmy to their communities, and your gift will support them to do this.

You can also help by:
- spreading this Giving Group
- working with us to host a fundraising eurythmy workshop and/or performance
- sending us good thoughts!

About the Organizers

The Auriel Eurythmy faculty are working together to offer a holistic training, building a community of people working to improve the lives of people in their community.
We are:
Nina Wallace-Ockenden: BA in Eurythmy
Dianne Rae Wells - Eurythmyst
Deborah Desilets: Somatic Movement & Core Connexions Dance Facilitator
Malcolm Glover: Anthroposophical Artist
Barbarah Nicoll: Anthroposophical Consciousness Studies and the Art of Conversation