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Discovery Through The Arts


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Unleashing creativity, imagination, and fun - one person at a time. Discovery Through The Arts offers private and ensemble music lessons alongside education and community outreach programs that unleash creativity, imagination and fun through exposure, participation and appreciation of the arts.

The Group's Purpose

The arts enrich our lives in so may ways. They can transform, inspire, and event heal. Music and visual arts may heal an empty soul. They keep us in a postivie place through sadness by keeping us in touch with what is beautiful.

Yet, funding for arts programming is continually on the chopping block.

Together we can change that.

How to Help

Help us continue to enrich lives through the arts!

We have some big plans for the future. Your support ca help us use music and the arts to make a difference in the lives of kids and adults alike.

1. Scholarships - sponsor a student to participant in music lessons or our Saturday generations ensemble programs.

2. Special needs - help us expand our special needs program and continue to support intellectual, emotional and physical development in ways that go beyond conventional instruction and therapies.

3. Diploma Program - help us develop a certificate program that places value on musical education and supports the development of long-term, economically viable jobs for Canadian musicians.

4. Community Outreach - enable continued community outreach with organizations supporting mental health and at-risk youth through arts education and appreciation.

5. Infrastructure - help us purchase a building and develop the infrastructure to realize our vision of a Discovery Through The Arts school.

About the Organizers

Madoka Murata is the creator and director of Discovery Through The Arts and the teach-to-learn methodology. As an accomplished artist with 45 years of experience, Madoka is a gifted teacher with endless patience, love and dedication for her ever-growing family of students, musicians and artists.