KidSport Vancouver Gift of Sport Presented by Deloitte
Vancouver, BC

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This Christmas, support KidSport Vancouver by helping us give the Gift of Sport. For every dollar donated, funds are matched by Canaccord Genuity and Absolute Software up to $4000 so $1 = $2 for the Kids. Thank you!

The Group's Purpose

This holiday, make the Gift of Sport a new tradition. Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in sport, and KidSport Vancouver aims to remove the financial barrier to make this a reality. No kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports.

By donating to this group, every dollar is matched by Canaccord Genuity and Absolute Software - this means $1 = $2 for the Kids.

What better time to donate than today?

How to Help

Donate to this Group - funds are matched by Canaccord Genuity and Absolute Software (up to $4000). Every dollar turns into two dollars, helping us get one step closer to giving another child access to organized sport.

About the Organizers

KidSport™ Vancouver is a non-profit organization that is part of a national and provincial network of community based volunteer groups whose goal is to ensure that kids in financial need have access to the positive experience of sport and physical activity. We believe that sport and physical activity provides a life-long opportunity for self-expression, goal setting, dedication, positive thinking and increased self confidence for kids.

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