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Craig's Give it Up For Kidz Challenge!

Vancouver, BC

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For two weeks, I will be giving up TV shows, as that is my relaxing past time I love. As some of you know in my lifetime I have watched over 400+ days worth of TV. So I am giving up TV.

The Group’s Purpose

"Give it Up 4 Kidz Challenge!"

Every day there are young people that go without an opportunity to experience, succeed, taste or reach their goals of empowerment. Everyday young people all over Canada face unimaginable challenges, are bullied, told they can't, or make sacrifices.

KidzFirst Canada Board Members are going to experience a small fraction of what it means for vulnerable youth to go with out, to face tough situations from February 15th-29th. For a two week period the KidzFirst Canada Board Members have chosen specific challenges that they will either give up something routine & important in their lives and/or do something that they have not done before that is out of their comfort zone.

Money raised will go to supporting existing and new after-school and vulnerable youth initiatives all over Canada!

How to Help

This is a small token of understanding and sacrifice that can't measure up to the day to day challenges vulnerable youth endure , but we are hoping you will join the KidzFirst Canada "Give it Up 4 Kidz! Challenge" by donating online.

Won't you take the KidzFirst Canada CHALLENGE, help us Make a Difference in a young person's life!

Thank you

KidzFirst Canada