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“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. [...]. Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:14-16

The Group's Purpose

We have done our research. We consulted with leaders in the church, Christian NGOs, government, health care, foundations and nonprofits. We spoke with leading experts when it comes to supporting marginalized seniors, such as Isobel Mackenzie, BC's Seniors Advocate. We also talked to frontline workers. The need is great across many sectors and demographics, but we have decided to focus our efforts on those who are most vulnerable first.

Approximately 80,000 seniors, or 12% of seniors in British Columbia, live at or under the poverty line. Tens of thousands of them live alone, many in single room dwellings and long-term care housing, and rely on community groups and nonprofits to meet basic needs such as food, health, and human connection. These seniors are not only at much greater risk of infection and death but are also challenged because social distancing means that health challenges can go unnoticed until they become acute and result in hospitalization. The daily lives of seniors living in long-term care homes have also been drastically affected as no visitors are allowed and there are limited activities, exacerbating loneliness and anxiety.

We have identified non-profits supporting low-income seniors in urgent need of donations. There are many faith-based organizations that we can support doing what the Bible asks of us.

By the end of August, we would love to raise $100,000 so that we can help improve the lives of seniors across Metro Vancouver in a BIG way. If you can, join us in our efforts to reach our goal and give today!

How to Help

Based on the methodology and approach outlined above, we have identified the organizations below as in need of support. 50% of funds raised will be directed to the non-profits equally, and the other 50% will be directed to the long-term care facilities equally.

Six Major Non-Profits Supported:
1. Men’s Hostel and The Door is Open
2. Mission Possible
3. More than A Roof
4. Salvation Army
5. Whole Way House
6. Union Gospel Mission

Ten Long Term Care Facilities Supported:
1. Brock Fahrni - Vancouver
2. Buchanan New Westminster
3. Evergreen Care - White Rock
4. Holy Family Hospital - Vancouver
5. Honoria Conway - Vancouver
6. Inglewood Care Centre - West Vancouver
7. Mount St Joseph Hospital - Vancouver
8. St. Vincent’s Langara - Vancouver
9. Sunset - Vancouver
10. Youville - Vancouver

We hope you will consider joining our efforts to bring Christians to action, collectively leaning on our faith and bringing hope to our neighbours who need it most. 100% of your donation will go directly to beneficiaries, aside from a credit card processing fee of 2.8%.

To give by credit card: Anyone can give by credit card by clicking the blue Give button above.

To give by cheque: Please make out your donation to CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation and write "COVID-19 BC Christian Leaders Response Fund" in the memo line. Please also ensure to attach the form here with your cheque.

To give securities: You can donate securities easily with the instructions here.

Your tax receipt will be promptly issued by CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation. Charitable Impact does not take any admin fees from your gift, aside from the processing fee above.

About the Organizers

If you have any questions about Supporting Marginalized & Isolated Seniors/COVID-19 BC Christian Leaders Response Fund, please contact Jae Kim or myself. We prayerfully ask for your consideration to join us.

Tom Cooper
President & Founder, City in Focus
(604) 687-7292

Jae Kim
Jae Kim Philanthropy Advisors
(604) 375-0735

If you have any questions about making your gift or your tax receipt, please contact Véro Séguin at Charitable Impact.

Véro Séguin
Bilingual Donor Experience Specialist