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Britannia Secondary School - Street2Peak

Vancouver, BC

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Britannia Secondary and the Streetfront Alternative program are planning an epic event that is show-casing public education:

The Group’s Purpose

We intend to hike 18 of our most resilient students to the top of Kilimanjaro Mountain! Of course our goal is bigger than reaching Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro- it is ultimately about changing the way inner-city youth see themselves and see our community; it is about dreaming big and believing in a broader community of care, whatever our life circumstances. And it’s also all about the amazing opportunities that are available in our Public Education system and the incredible people that make it happen.

How to Help

Have YOU ever had that one life altering experience that made you the person you are today? That planted the seed for a good life?
Thank you for any donation and support that will create such an opportunity to an EastVan kid!

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