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Black Community Housing Fund

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By donating to the Black Community Housing Fund, you are directly assisting to empower individuals to become contributing members of their communities across Canada.

The Group’s Purpose

As the Founder of Support Black Charities, a non-profit organization connecting donors, volunteers and Black organizations across Canada (as well as the US, UK, Caribbean and Africa), my mission is to make it easier for individuals and businesses to contribute to specific Black causes or organizations close to their heart. Many organizations are already doing amazing work within the Black community -- it can just be hard to find them!

The Black Community Housing Fund is built up of charities that are addressing matters not talked about enough in Black communities, from mental health, abuse, addiction, racism, poverty, immigration, to transitioning out of the foster care and out of prison system. When Black communities don't have the opportunity to speak about these topics, their risk of homelessness increases. The charities in this fund advocate for affordable housing locally and help the transition towards a more stable environment for them and their families.

Securing housing is a critical step in reintegrating someone to society.

How to Help

If you can, I encourage you to give generously to my Impact Portfolio. Why?

Because I have years of experience working with Black charities across Canada and know where you can feel confident supporting. Each of the organizations that will receive any funds raised has a proven track record of creating change.

You can be 100% confident that all of the funds raised will go to the registered charities I know are making an impact. You'll receive an automatic update when & where I send the money raised.

The organizations that you'll be supporting by giving to this fund are:

REST Centres: Assist black and indigenous youth with transition from foster care and the black homeless communities providing resources and programs to reinstate in the community with job programs.

African Aid International: They operate free dental clinics abroad in Guinea, Africa. They have extended their distribution of free dental hygiene products to several shelters locally in the black community.

Maison d’Haiti: For almost 40 years, they have played a crucial role by being a resources for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants from Haiti to Montréal. They provide services for newcomers specifically housing. They offer a wide range of youth outreach programs based on Arts & Culture.

See my other portfolio focused on community support here.

About the Organizers

I’m Anick. I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec to parents who came to Canada from Haiti. I’m a proud Black woman fascinated by my culture and inspired by those around me and those that have come before me. My role model is Harriet Tubman, whose courage and dedication to fight for a cause she believed in, despite dangerous circumstances, inspired countless others and changed history, including Canadian History.

In the last 5 years, as a volunteer, marketing and fundraising specialist with Black organizations, I learned about their specific needs and challenges. What often came up was the struggle to get support, funding and “brand” visibility in this new digital age. My nonprofit, Support Black Charities, responds to this by making it easy for donors across Canada, the United States, the UK, the Caribbean and Africa to find the charities they believe in.

I wanted to create this Impact Portfolio on Charitable Impact to help donors easily give to some of the organizations I believe in here in Canada specifically. If you want to get in touch with me to learn more about Support Black Charities or my Impact Portfolio, send me an email or visit Support Black Charities.