Azheimer Café Canada - BC Chapter
Vancouver, BC

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Alzheimer Café Canada is a pop-up café for those diagnosed with dementia and anyone who is interested in coming to an Alzheimer Café.

Hosted and run 100% by volunteers who believe that building a safe space for relationship is a great gift for us all.

We are all in the same boat!

The Group's Purpose

An Alzheimer Café is a gathering of people affected by, or interested in dementia. We gather monthly to enjoy food, laughter, music, learning, and relationship together. People are welcome to and come and go as they please, just like at a café.

How to Help

Alzheimer Cafés is run and hosted by local volunteers who are passionate about people and mental health. You can support by attending or starting an Alzheimer Café in your community, or with a financial contribution.

About the Organizers

Alzheimer Café is hosted and operated entirely by volunteers. For information on how to join this amazing group of hosts, email