Aunt Leah's Thresholds House for Homeless Moms & Babies
New Westminster, BC

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The project will create two beds, plus programming space and an area for nurse home visits, at a transitional home for homeless moms and babies. Donations will be matched 1:1 (to $25,000) by a CHIMP partner, then matched again through federal funding - creating exponential growth for your money.

The Group's Purpose

This small capital project is for the renovation of a detached building at a transition home in New Westminster for homeless first-time moms and newborns.. The main residential building will undergo minor renovations to create an additional suite with two new beds (one new unit) in the house.

By March 2014, Thresholds will be able to serve up to four moms and four babies at any given time, plus have the capacity to keep all programming needs in-house, thus eliminating expensive transportation and labour costs. Through an operating agreement with BC Housing, which provided below-market financing on the mortgage, Aunt Leah's is committed to operating the residence for the next 30 years.

The primary goal of Thresholds House is to provide a cost-effective early intervention in helping prevent children and babies from entering the foster care system. The program achieves this by providing a home and supports which allow low-income moms to retain or regain custody of their child/children and provide opportunities to develop parenting skills and life skills through nurse home visits; workshops; one-to-one learning; connections to community resources; and opportunities to mend or solidify extended familial relationships.

Thresholds gives a newborn the opportunity to have a mother, and it gives a young woman-in-need a chance to be a good parent under difficult circumstances. For a child -- any child -- the opportunity to have access to a parent who has the skills, resources and unconditional love to care for them is truly the most primary and valuable of opportunities which can be afforded a person. It makes a lifetime of difference.

Donations will be matched 1:1 by a CHIMP partner (up to $25,000). The goal of $50,000 from this Giving Group will again be matched through the federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy. The final result of $100,000 will ensure completion of the $210,000 renovation project.

How to Help

This is a unique opportunity to help low-income women, who are at-risk of losing custody of their child simply due to poverty. The double dollar matching of this project turns a $5 donation into $20; a $20 donation into $80; an $80 donation into $320; a $320 donation into $1280...

About the Organizers

Aunt Leah's Place helps prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless, and mothers in need from losing custody of their children. To support them on their journey to self-sufficiency, we provide supported housing, job training and coaching on essential life skills.

This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary of building brighter futures for foster kids.

In 2012, we were voted a Top Pick Charity by Charity Intelligence, a registered nonprofit group that researches charities to help donors decide where to direct their giving.

Aunt Leah’s Place was one of 6 charities chosen from across Canada that work with youth-at-risk and “stand out for their leadership, cost-efficiency, and, most importantly, their bottom-line results in getting the job done in helping their clients.”