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Group Admins

We are part of the world, the world is part of us. This is a place where we can express gratitude for our lives and offer hope and care to those whose lives have been upturned.

The Group’s Purpose

When the world asks for our help, we want to be able to collectively respond to it. This is a giving group for people who want to form a circle around those in need, wherever they are.

Right now, it is our brothers and sisters is in Nepal who are asking for our help. Let's show them the depth of our care.

How to Help

Please make a donation through Chimp to this giving group, or directly to Red Cross. Until such time as another urgent issue arises, we will send all the funds raised from this group to the work of the Red Cross in Nepal. We previously donated $920 to aid Filipinos following typhoon Haiyan.

The Government of Canada will be matching all eligible donations made by May 25 towards relief efforts in Nepal.

About the Organizers

We are a non-profit organization interested in growing and thickening the ties of care and connection in our world, and in creating more caring and resilient neighbourhoods, communities and nations.

That said, everyone and anyone is welcome to join and/or donate.

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