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80 000 Steps

Waskesiu Lake, SK

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I am walking 80 000 steps in my walker and collecting pledges to build a community well that will provide fresh, clean water to a village in Africa.

The Group’s Purpose

Quinn’s goal is to walk 80,000 steps and collect pledges to support Free the Children’s clean water projects in Africa. Quinn hopes to raise enough money to build a community well that will provide safe drinking water for a community in Africa. 80, 000 is a significant number. Quinn says, “If a young girl or young woman doesn't have access to water in her community or Village, she could have to walk 80,000 steps or longer to haul and collect water to keep her family healthy and prevent them from getting sick. If women and young girls have to spend all their time hauling water, then they may not have the opportunity to go to school. If people don’t have access to clean water they can get very sick. I’d like to help get a real well built in a community so that the community has access to clean water for their whole lives.” 80, 000 is a significant goal for another reason, too. You see, Quinn is a quadriplegic. Having cerebral palsy means that walking can be difficult, but not impossible! In her walker, Quinn walks between 100 and 1000 steps a day towards her goal. For her, the project is also about showing people what she is capable of. She says, “Another reason why I chose 80,000 steps is to show people what I am capable of. I AM capable of it, of course I am!”

How to Help

Here are a few ways to get involved:
1. PLEDGE – Honor Quinn’s goal and make a donation to her 80 000 steps campaign. It’s secure and simple! (The minimum donation is just 5$ and you will receive a charitable donation tax receipt from the Chimp Foundation for every donation).
2. HIGH FIVE! Leave a comment or words of encouragement for Quinn, here – think of it as a virtual high-five!
3. SHARE - Share this exciting project with others via email, Facebook, twitter or word-of-mouth!

About the Organizers

Quinn Smith-Windsor is in Grade 5 and lives in Lakeland, Saskatchewan. She has an unshakable belief that she can make a difference in the world around her. And - she does! Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Quinn set out to help out in a unique way – by raising money to buy wheelchairs for Haitian children. Quinn raised $2550.00 for the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, enough to send 17 wheelchairs over to Haiti. This far exceeded her goal of providing 5 wheelchairs. Quinn was awarded a Yes I Can! Award for Community Service by the Saskatchewan Council for Exceptional Children, in recognition of her efforts to bring the gift of independent mobility to 17 children in Haiti. She has had interviewed by CBC radio's Morning Edition and Afternoon Edition and has also had the opportunity to address her school at assemblies and other events. Quinn recognizes that not all issues are global in scale. Many people in our own communities face hunger and food shortage on a daily basis. This year, Quinn and her brothers collected 100 items to donate to the Prince Albert Food Bank as part of Free the Children’s We Scare Hunger food drive and awareness campaign. Quinn looks forward to the annual food drive and attending We Day Saskatchewan each year so that she can continue to connect with like-minded peers on local and global issues that are important to them. Quinn is on track to complete her latest project, 80 000 steps this summer. Upon completion of 80 000 steps, Quinn hopes that she will raise enough money to build a community well for a village in Africa. Quinn received a second Yes I Can! Award in the area of Community Service from the Saskatchewan Council for Exceptional Children in recognition of her steps taken towards this new goal. Quinn's projects are supported by her brothers Taz & Sullivan (who have boundless energy and enthusiasm) and her proud parents Jaimie and Al (who are somewhat capable of providing technical assistance and chauffeuring).