#30DaysOfKindness 2013
Vancouver, BC

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30 Days Of Kindness is about inspiring us all to be kinder to each and every day of our lives. This giving fund represents three causes that are important and could use a little extra kindness from the 30 Days community.

The Group's Purpose

This giving group is set up to provide the 30 Day Adventures community with a tangible means of joining together to make an impact in our community.

Donate what you can. It's not about how much it's about being a part of something.

How to Help

Donate any amount of money that you are comfortable with.

About the Organizers

Marc Smith is the Founder and Chief Adventurer at 30 Day Adventures. Passionate about building community and engaging in authentic communications, 30 Day Adventures is the embodiment of Marc’s journey through life “Everything I’ve ever done is relevant to everything I will ever do”.