2019 VanTap Annual Campaign
Vancouver, BC

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This group gathers supporters of the 2019 Annual Campaign of the Vancouver Tap Dance Society (VanTap). VanTap serves the Greater Vancouver area through an Academy, youth performance ensemble, annual festival, and outreach programs. $10 dollars can support a young dancer!

The Group's Purpose

We all have caught the bug. We've witnessed the joy of tap dancing through attending events, trying it ourselves, or seeing a loved one put on a pair of tap shoes. We want to share the joy we've experienced with others by supporting the Annual Fund Drive of the Vancouver Tap Dance Society.

How to Help

There are three ways you can support:

1) Give $10 to VanTap Annual Fund Drive. 100% of funds go to decreasing the financial barrier of all VanTap Educational programs, as well as supporting additional scholarships.

2) Share this with a friend. Spreading the word is how we can grow together.

3) Attend an event at VanTap and catch the bug yourself!

About the Organizers

This group is organized by members of VanTap for the support of the 2019 Annual Fund Drive.