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100% Skate Club

Calgary, AB

Sports and recreation

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100% Skate Club is an all-girls skateboard community-based in Calgary, Alberta. We are focussed on creating safe space for women, girls, trans, and non-binary persons at skateparks. We want to break down the negative stigma of skateboarding improve the sport through positive mentorship.

The Group's Purpose

Our grassroots start began in 2015 with weekly meetup sessions, the goal was for females to have a safe space at the male dominated skateparks. In our 6 seasons, we have hosted over 150 skateboard meetups, we have reached/impacted more than 300 local girls/women/trans and non-binary skaters. We are proud to have established ourselves as a diverse, positive, brave and resourceful community. Lead by skaters. We are growing!!!

How to Help

By donating you will be providing an opportunity for our organization to continue to grow and thrive! Your wonderful support will go towards the following:
- Sponsoring the cost of a 100% Skate Club membership for the season
- Mentorship and skill building workshops
- Upgrade safety skateboard gear for our members
- Cover Insurance cost for each member and our organization
- Development of What Flamingo Skateboard Festival
- Creating 100% art projects (ie: Magazine)

About the Organizers

Founded by former competitive skater Erica Jacobs, alongside with Marlene Hielema; co-founder and photographer extraordinaire. As Non-Profit Organization we are 100% volunteer driven, we embody a multi-disciplinary Board of Directors who are all passionate to create an inclusive, fun, supportive and thriving space for females in skateboarding.