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Wildlife Preservation Canada/Conservation De La Faune Au Ca Nada

Guelph, ON

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Wildlife Preservation Canada's mission is to save animal species at risk from extinction in Canada. We do this by undertaking hands-on work with species requiring direct intervention to recover, and by building Canada's conservation capacity by providing opportunities for Canadian conservation scientists to grow their expertise in working with animal species at risk while adding to the overall body of knowledge on the subject. Our toolkit includes techniques such as captive breeding, translocation, nest protection, artificial incubation and headstarting. We are the only environmental NGO in Canada to provide such hands-on care to multiple species in multiple projects across the country. The bulk of our work consists of species recovery prjects carried out in partnership with zoos, universities, other charities, and government agencies. In some cases, grants are awarded to partners in order to share the expenses of a project. Many of our recovery projects provide internships or similar jobs for young scientists, allowing them to gain invaluable experience in working with species at risk. In addition, our Canada's New Noah scholarship program annually sends one young Canadian scientist to Mauritius for several months to perform supervised fieldwork and independent research. Graduates receive a post-graduate diploma in Endangered Species Recovery issued by the Durrell Conservation Academy: Mauritius through the University of Kent.

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Description% of emphasis
Species protection80
Vocational & technical training5

*% of emphasis is reported by the charity and does not necessarily reflect money spent.

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