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The Canadian Red Cross Society La Société Canadienne De La Croix-Rouge

Ottawa, ON

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The Canadian Red Cross is leading humanitarian organization assisting vulnerable people in Canada and around the world in times of need. More than 3 million people were reached globally with 167 Canadian experts deployed to 37 countries. Two field clinics were placed in Bangladesh and Somaliland and over 8850 medical consultations performed. We have almost 12,500 active volunteers and more than 2900 employees including casual staff and delegates. On average, Canadian Red Cross responds to a disaster every 3 hours and assists 363 Canadians daily. We provide more that 936,000 hours of home support for seniors and recovering patients and more than 280,250 loans of health equiupment - walkers, wheelchairs etc. More than 1.04 million Canadian attended swimming and water safety courses and over 783,000 Canadian attended Respect Education workshops.

In the spring of 2017, the Ottawa River flooded affecting over 500 households in Ottawa and Quebec; the Canadian Red Cross responded with psychosocial support, material support and financial assistance. The B.C. Fires in the summer of 2017 broke records, with devastating wildfires causing the largest evacuation the province has ever seen. Thousands of families were forced to leave their homes for weeks. In response, the Canadian Red Cross was able to respond immediately to more than 25,300 households, thanks to the help of its more than 650 personnel. Individuals and families coping with loss and trauma received skilled care to support their recovery and mental well-being. The CRC provided financial assistance to small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and First Nations cultural livelihoods.

Program areas

Description% of emphasis
Social services19
Services for the sick19
Disaster relief62

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