Charitable Organization

The Alberta Conference Of The Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Lacombe, AB

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Our organization operates ten schools throughout the province of Alberta offering Christian education from pre-kindergarten though grade 12. We operate an online virtual classroom school as well. We have a summer youth camp program for a variety of ages as well as for the visually impaired. Programspromoting a healthy lifestyle and educating the public on proper nutrition and exercise, the negative effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol on the body. We minister to inmates, singles, families, the deaf and the blind and oversee 81 local churches and their programs. We also have a Disaster and Relief program for the province of Alberta. We partnered with ADRA Canada in 2017 in providing feeding program for the soup kitchens and care-kit packets for the needy and the homeless in the community.

Program areas

Description% of emphasis
Places of worship, etc.40
Independent schools & boards30
Missionary organizations10

*% of emphasis is reported by the charity and does not necessarily reflect money spent.

Revenue and expenses