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One Girl Can Society

Coquitlam, BC

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Empowering girls through education. Our holistic model supports a girl from the time she leaves primary school, until the day she gains meaningful employment. Education for girls is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays the foundation for sustainable economic growth in developing countries.

Our innovative approach is based on three operating principles that perpetuate a cycle of sustainability and empowerment: We Build, We Educate, We Mentor


We build and rehabilitate girls’ schools in Kenya and Uganda. We are committed to long-term partnerships that ensure school infrastructures will continue to support growth and provide a dynamic and safe learning environment.


Education beyond primary level in Kenya and Uganda is not free. We provide secondary and university scholarships for girls with the greatest need and highest potential. This support ensures girls continue their education and never miss a day of school due to poverty or cultural pressure.


Together with our volunteer team of professional local women, we empower girls from high school to university level to achieve their potential through our series of mentoring workshops. This motivates, empowers and equips girls with the tools they need
to be successful.

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