Mom To Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society
Vancouver, BC

Outreach and welfareCommunity developmentYouth/children

Charity information

Contact: Stephanie Connolly
#500 - 610 Main Street, Vancouver BC, V6A2V3

Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society (M2M) provides compassionate, woman-to-woman mentorship, and financial and practical support to families with the goal of improving outcomes for children who are disadvantaged by poverty in Vancouver’s inner city. The M2M model is relationship based and respects the innate strength and resilience of mothers, but also recognizes that many are isolated and have never had a consistent, healthy, unpaid and resourceful supporter in their lives – someone they can trust, with no strings attached. While anyone can become socially isolated, single mothers are particularly at risk. By working to prevent social isolation, M2M volunteers enhance social networks, remove barriers to social participation and foster inclusion. With adequate social support for their mothers, children will have improved chances in terms of school achievement, emotional and mental health and adult functioning – the underlying premise being that as a society, we all benefit when children are well cared for and healthy.

Super Momma initiative organizes outings for the low income moms and their children along with volunteers and staff as a community building exercise. Super Momma's had a significant increase in organized outings in 2017/18 fiscal year.