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International Conservation Fund Of Canada Inc.

Chester, NS

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1. We work with the Kayapo indigenous people to protect their officially ratified territories which span 10.5 million hectares of biodiverse forest in Brazil's southeastern Amazon. 2. Conservation of the desert elephants of Mali through lasting protection of key dry season and migration habitats arising from innovative systems of community-based natural resource management that benefit both elephants and people. 3. Preventing extinction of the hooded grebe in Santa Cruz province (Patagonia), Argentina. 4. Conservation of maleos (a Megapode bird), marine turtles and fruit bats in the Tompotika region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. 5. Protection of the Los Amigos Conservation Concession, a 146,000-hectare area of highly biodiverse old-growth Amazonian forest in Peru. 6. Conservation at Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), Costa Rica, through support of five Parataxonomists who serve as biological technicians and park guards, and with an after-school program in marine conservation in a fishing village bordering ACG. 7. Monitoring and protection of reserves in Guatemala and Bolivia. 8. Protecting threatened species of the Atlantic Forest region at Selva de Pino Paraná in Argentina.

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